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The Importance of Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of NC VetBiz is an excellent opportunity to support veteran-owned businesses (small or large) and veteran professionals as they build their civilian careers. We have several types of memberships that can best fit your needs. (Please note, sponsorships are not considered a part of membership. Sponsorships are event-specific and will be available once an event registration is open.)

A membership in the association is an extremely cost effective business investment.  Our members consistently share that the connections made through the Association have proven to be the most valuable aspect of their membership. These connections have led to new business opportunities, professional mentoring, and shared personal wisdom from seasoned veteran business owners and veteran professionals.

On behalf of the NC VetBiz Association (President and Board of Directors) we welcome your membership and give a heart-felt thanks to our military veterans for their service to our country!

Please send any membership inquiries to:

Click Here to Review Membership Types & Join