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​Step 3:  After completing the Membership Director Registration form as directed in Step 2, you will receive a confirmation message on the same web page - stating: "Your registration has been submitted". You will also see a link to the Membership page where you can click on the button: Member-Only.   (If you do not see the link, you can always access the Member-Only link at the top of any page of the NC VetBiz website.)

The Members-Only page will direct you to a new page called: Sign-On.   Here you will need to enter a user name (email) and password.  Please keep a record of your new login information.  You will then receive a confirmation message on the same web page - stating that your member login request has been sent and is awaiting approval by the site administrator.  Please note that you will receive the approval via the email that you provided as a login.


Within 24 hours, you should receive an email approval stating that you are an "Approved Site User" . You will then be able to access the Members Only page  using your new login and password.  Simply access the Member-Only Sign-On page and click on the section at the bottom that  says: "Already a member? Log in." 

​For assistance with a forgotten login/password or if you have any trouble accessing the Members Only section of this website, please email us via the tab: Contact Us.   ​Thank You!