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cyber security

This application must be completed for consideration of a scholarship for our CTC (Cyber Technician Certification) Cohort.

Thank you for taking the time to enhance your skills for a better life!

Which of the following are you?
Please review each of the following and select all that apply to you...
Can you explain the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption?
Have you ever taken a Cybersecurity training / course?

Enter a number below 1-10 listing the steps in order you would take to respond to a data breach incident. The first step is #1.

Select all the Cybersecurity training you have completed:
Which of the following is true regarding cybersecurity regulations and frameworks?
Explain the concept of defense-in-depth and how it applies to cybersecurity architecture.
Education Level
Do you have any Cybersecurity Certifications
Do you have any Professional Certifications (e.g., PMP)
Do you have a DD214 or access to a DD214?
What initially sparked your interest in cybersecurity

Thank you for your submission, we will contact you shortly

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