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Let's Meet & Greet on June 16 in Charlotte!

This impactful event is at the Veterans Bridge Home location at 5260 Parkway Plaza Blvd, Suite 110, Charlotte, NC 28217 from 4 pm-6 pm. We've recently expanded into more regions like Wilmington and Fayetteville and are excited to continue our growth. We also plan to deliver more perks through partnership opportunities throughout North Carolina.

"We're excited to present the opportunity to connect with fellow business owners, truly understand what they need, and contribute to the success of our community."

Explains Tanya, a business owner and the Charlotte region Board Member for North Carolina Veteran's Business Association. Enjoy light refreshments, engage in meaningful networking, and participate in giveaways. The meet and greet will introduce the board to the community, welcome new memberships, and identify the specific needs of veteran entrepreneurs in each area.

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