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NCVETBIZ answers the call to help in cybersecurity

According to a recent article by the NC Military Affairs Commission (see below). There are thousands of cybersecurity jobs available in NC. NCVETBIZ is answering the call by partnering with KSE consulting group. These 100 scholarships are designed to empower veterans and their families transition into civilian careers while also building a strong pool of cybersecurity talent to safeguard our nation's digital infrastructure. Are you ready to apply? We still have a few spots left!


Military Spouses: Cybersecurity Offers Flexibility and Mission Focus

With over 18,000 cybersecurity jobs currently available in North Carolina, military spouses are prime candidates to transition into these critical roles. At a recent event, leaders emphasized the importance of cybersecurity for national security and highlighted the valuable skills military spouses and veterans bring, such as mission-driven focus and discipline.

Despite their qualifications, military spouses face a 21% unemployment rate -five times the national average. As the workforce landscape evolves, cybersecurity careers provide military spouses and veterans a path to continue serving their country while ensuring stability for their families.


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